2 Sep 2019

What’s new on the menu…

One of the highlights of this month’s menu has to be monkfish served with caponata, piquillo pepper velouté and basil oil.

This vibrant dish contrasts the delicious char-grilled smoky, meaty monkfish with a rich red pepper velouté and the sweet and sour agrodolce tang of caponata; the wonderful piquant, flavour-packed aubergine dish of Sicily.

We also have an exciting addition to our small (but growing) vermouth selection.

‘Muz” is a red vermouth (or ‘Vermut’ in Spanish) made by the small Spanish bodega Partida Creus – a wine producer we have been fans of for a few years now.  Their vermut natural, organic and - unusually – the base wine is a blend of young red, aged red and oxidative white wines and has a mix of 51 botanicals including citrus skins, flowers, spices roots and herbs which are allowed to macerate in the juice for a “couple of lunar moons”!

It has an amazingly fresh, herbal flavour best enjoyed simply over ice with a twist of orange or if you are a fan it adds an interesting take to a negroni.

Muz Vermut

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