About Us

In the kitchen, Joe, head chef Jose Garzón and their dedicated team work hard, bouncing ideas around and then simplifying and distilling them so that what you get on the plate is unfussy but packed with flavour.

Inspired by the seasons, a diverse set of backgrounds and travels, and by meals that excite (be that haute cuisine or humble home cooking), the JB kitchen is a busy, creative and happy place.

The front-of-house team – led by Ben and general manager Richard Stevens – is an equally cheerful, knowledgeable gang; guiding guests through ingredients and wine choices, and ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable time is had by all.

In 2012 Ben & Joe opened ‘Porta’, a bustling tapas bar right next door to Joseph Benjamin. They followed on with Porta number two in the market town of Altrincham, Greater Manchester, in 2016 and most recently opened Porta number three in Bexley Square off Chapel Street, Salford, in 2018.