20 Jan 2018

Happy New Year (Refurb is over)

2018? OK, let's go!

After quite a chaotic start to the year at JB towers, we're pleased to say we’re back open! It took stress, tears, and half the builders in Chester but we got there. We have a brand spanking new cellar and kitchen (the staff are quite ecstatic), and the restaurant has had a spruce up too; check out the new floor!! For myself and the front of house staff, we’re smitten with the newly built bar. It’s so clean and spacious - the design is alright too, well done Ben.

In the restaurant we’ve freshened up the menu for the new year with some really tasty dishes. Ben, Rich and I have also been tasting a healthy amount of wine over the last few weeks so there’ll be a few changes coming to the wine list. And we have a new coffee machine in the restaurant where we’ll be serving Adams and Russell coffee. Just a few new things to start the year with, and plenty more planned.

Thank you to everyone who came to see us at our 'pop-up' nights upstairs on the walls, and to those people we met over at Porta in Altrincham at the dinner we did there last week. We hope you enjoyed the evenings as much as we did. They were a great success and they’ve inspired us to carry on doing some set menu nights. Jose and the team are already talking menus for the future with a Valentines Day set menu to be announced later this week.

As for Porta, next door, they’re going back to their normal opening time of 5pm (instead of midday for lunch). Not to say it won’t happen again sometime in the future…

So, come along; see the floor, taste the food and come say hello - we’ve missed you. Emily.