January Pop-up Events

Posted 14/12/2017

During a small refurbishment of the restaurant at the start of January, we’re taking over premises upstairs at the old ‘Tea on The Walls’ for six relaxed set-menu dinners.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights for the first two weeks of Jan.

A different menu for each weekend – see below.

When this refurb is over, you’ll probably say “so… what exactly have you changed?”. Unfortunately it’s one of those refurbs. Mainly structural (rotting joists), knackered floors and cellars that needs an overhaul. It makes sense to do it all together and January is probably the best time to close.

With the restaurant out of bounds to all but hard-hatted workers, we thought it’d be nice to find somewhere else to do some interesting events from. With the aim of keeping the team occupied, making sure a penny or two finds its way in to the till and also give you lot something to look forward to in January. We originally looked at some of the event spaces in the Cathedral (wowser settings) but they ended up quite expensive and too complicated logistically. The premises upstairs on the walls – most recently occupied by ‘Tea on The Walls’ till they left after the summer – is part of the site that used to be the Mediterranean Restaurant, overlooking Abbey Green and Alexanders’ garden. It’s a lovely room… and has a kitchen… and is just upstairs… and is available. So that’s that decided.

After the expense and indulgence of Christmas, we thought something different was called for – something refreshing. Joe, Head Chef Jose and the team have come up with two set menus that run on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the first two weekends of January. The nights are not designed to be high-minded fine-dining, but fun, relaxed evenings (with great food & wine of course!) – a sunny antidote to the January blues. Jose’s menu for the first weekend is inspired by his native Valencia and looks fantastic (as a special treat, we’re also expanding this menu in to a 6 course supper at our Altrincham tapas bar, Porta, on Sunday 7th – check that out if you live in that direction). During the second week, we’re taking things in a Middle-eastern direction; lots of bright, vibrant flavours, some relaxed, sort-of-mezze-style dishes and interesting ideas to get 2018 going with a swing. We’ll pick a handful of interesting wines to sell by-the-glass on the night.

We’re really excited about this and hope you can join us. Have a read of the menus below and if they’re of interest, pop in or give us call to get booked in. They should be good fun – and we really appreciate the support!

The dinners are also January-priced at £30pp!


4/5/6 January – Valencian Dinner


Ajo blanco, anguila ahumada y uvas.

(Chilled almond soup, smoked eel, red grapes)

Clótxina tigre.

(Mussel croquette)

Arroz Meloso de navajas, alioli de azafrán

(Razor clam rice, saffron alioli)

Mousse de chocolate y naranja, crujiente de avellanas.

(Chocolate & orange mousse, hazelnut tuille)



11/12/13 January – Middle-Eastern inspired Dinner.


Oyster, harissa oil, coriander, lime.

Beetroot, za’atar, horseradish labneh, peppermint.

Chickpea hummus, globe artichoke, preserved lemons, sumac flatbread.

Ras el hanout braised lamb shoulder, Israeli cous cous, Jerusalem artichoke puree.

Honey cake, orange blossom syrup, tahini ice cream.