21 Nov 2019

Festive Supper Nights – 23rd & 24th December 2019

We’re opening on the Monday and Tuesday night before Christmas for two lovely festive suppers. An elegant 3 course menu to refresh your palate ahead of the potential meat-feast of the following few days! We’ll be choosing some deliciously, vibrant and interesting wines to go with it. Starter: Roast pumpkin tortellini, porcini mushroom broth, sage.

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6 Apr 2018

Spring Wine Spotlight

Our Restaurant Manager, Emily, shines the spotlight on a new-ish wine on our list; one that’ll be perfect for the impending glorious springtime! Malvasia Puntinata ‘Cardito’ by Donato Giangirolami (Lazio, Italy). The beauty of being an independent restaurant is that we really do decide what happens. We have an evolving wine list so it tends

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7 Mar 2018

Espresso Matters

A new espresso machine and a new house blend for JB. When we refurbished Joseph Benjamin in January we rebuilt the bar (kind-of unavoidable when you have to replace the joists beneath it!) and also decided that the time had come to replace the espresso machine. The old one was a beaut’ and had served

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20 Jan 2018

Happy New Year (Refurb is over)

2018? OK, let’s go! After quite a chaotic start to the year at JB towers, we’re pleased to say we’re back open! It took stress, tears, and half the builders in Chester but we got there. We have a brand spanking new cellar and kitchen (the staff are quite ecstatic), and the restaurant has had

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14 Dec 2017

January Pop-up Events

During a small refurbishment of the restaurant at the start of January, we’re taking over premises upstairs at the old ‘Tea on The Walls’ for six relaxed set-menu dinners. Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights for the first two weeks of Jan. A different menu for each weekend – see below. When this refurb is over,

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10 Nov 2017

Christmas is coming!

Christmas Menu It’s that time of year again. Christmas parties, excessive sherry drinking (just me?) and too many mince pies. To get you feeling festive we’ve ditched our usual lunchtime/pre-theatre special in favour of a Christmas dinner. We’ll be doing a set menu of 3 courses for £20 from Thursday 23rd November. This festive menu

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6 Nov 2017

Pleasant Pheasant

Emily highlights a new pheasant dish. What’s new at JB HQ? Well, plenty. But really I just want to talk about a new dish we have on the menu… Head Chef Jose Garzón has gone for full-blown autumn with this new dish of pheasant, pumpkin, cavolo nero and tarragon sauce. The front-of-house team always get

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