12 Mar 2020
Staff at Joseph Benjamin cleaning the restaurant

Additional measures to keep us all healthy

We take the wellbeing of our customers and staff extremely seriously.

In light of the ongoing (Covid-19) Coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to let you know about additional safety measures in place at the restaurants.

As usual, the restaurant will be deep cleaned every day. In addition, we are now cleaning and sanitising door handles, handrails, toilet flushes, taps and other high-touch surfaces regularly throughout the day.

Areas of contact – chairs and tables in particular – are cleaned/sanitised between visitors.Credit card machines are sanitised after every use.

Where appropriate, we have removed furniture to increase the distance between customers.

It goes without saying that our kitchens maintain the highest standards of hygiene (we are rated 5/5 by the Environmental Health Officer) but we have increased cleaning and sanitising throughout the day.

I hope this information is reassuring and not alarming. The coronavirus is a big worry. Alongside concerns for health, we’re obviously very worried about the sustainability of the business. We really do appreciate your support.

I hope we can all continue going to bars and restaurants with our families and friends – after all, it’s what life is all about – but I think it’s right that we take this threat seriously and take responsibility for doing all we can.

Many thanks,

Ben, Joe and the team.