Joseph Benjamin
Thank you from Porta

We are sure many of you will already know but on September 5th we closed the doors at Joseph Benjamin for the final time. At 8am the following morning, we started a refurb and 10 days later we opened up our new, expanded Porta Chester.

The new expanded restaurant embraces the informal, buzzing atmosphere and top quality tapas for which Porta is well known. We’re also incorporating the sensational paella that has become the backbone of the post-lockdown JB menu.

It’s been a good feeling to know that 15 years after we opened, we could draw a line under Joseph Benjamin whilst it was a busy, popular restaurant.

We’re super proud of everything that JB has achieved over the years, from a tiny deli to 10 years of Michelin Bib Gourmand (“by the way, we’ll aim to keep that Michelin if you’re listening!”)

Aligning our Chester operation more closely to our Altrincham and Salford sites (both are Porta), makes so much sense and is very much about “doing one thing well”. The complications of Covid and Brexit have brought things in to sharp focus and we are determined to come out of this challenging (obstinate, lingering!) period as a stronger, fitter, better business.

We’re really happy to have made this positive, proactive change for the future. We love Porta and everything that is stands for.

Thank you so much for all of your support and we hope you will join us on the next leg of our journey.